Firmwares for DSO 062 Old Model

Note: These firmwares are for model 06201P, 06201KP, and 06202KP only.

Revision History
[ 2011.11.26 ]
Fixed the slow button issue. Button response is faster now for NOR and SIG modes.
[ 2010.09.26 ]
Up to 20MSa/s Equivalent-Time Sampling was implemented. Now you are able to see much detailed waveforms that you could not see with earlier version of firmwares.
[ 2010.04.23 ]
Fixed a bug in versions since -092. This bug caused trig output not function properly when time base was set to 5us/DIV.
[ 2010.04.09 ]
FFT function is added. Features: 1 ) 256 points and 512 points selectable; 2 ) Sampling Rate from 1Ksps to 2Msps selectable.
[ 2010.03.20 ]
Added trig output. Now it is possible to cascade several oscilloscopes to do multi-channel capture.
Added EEPROM auto setup. EEPROM programming is not required because the firmware will automatically initialize EEPROM if it has not been done.
Removed bootloader detection.
Added codes to generate two pulses at PB2 pin when scope boots. These pulses can drive LED for troubleshooting purpose.
[ 2009.09.28 ]
Fixed the known bugs in version -080.
[ 2009.07.06 ]
Higher real-time sampling rate - 5Msps (5Msps works in AUTO mode only)
Significant faster display refresh rate
External trig is now available
Save up to 6 captures to EEPROM and retain after power down
Retrieve and display saved captures
Transfer screen to PC as bitmap file via serial connection
[ 2009.03.31 ]
Improved ADC timing margin of TLC5510.
[ 2008.10.13 ]
Trig position was changed to 1/4 from 1/2 of waveform buffer so that bigger portion of after-trig waveform was displayed. In most cases we are more interested in waveform after trig.
Period measurement feature was taken off since same information can easily be obtained from reading screen. As a result the small wire connecting pin 9 and pin 31 of U4 is unnecessary. For customers who still want this feature please use [113-06205-060] and make sure the small wire is in place.
[ 2008.09.27 ]
Changes: when a button is pressed waveforms would stay instead of refresh itself as in earlier versions.
[ 2008.08.15 ]
First official release.


Revision History
[ 2008.09.27 ]
First official release