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audio spectrum analyzer.

Posted: Mon May 25, 2015 6:17 am
by petebarth
Hello all, from Pete Barth, new list member.

I admire all of your scopes and generators. Very well designed, well represented.
I apologize for my not reading all posts before questions / suggestions.

I have need of a small portable audio spectrum analyzer.
Say 10 hertz thru 20 to 40 K hertz.
I will need both linear and log freq. response.
Does one of your scopes do this?

I will use this to align antique 35mm six stripe Magnatech magnetic film recorders.
For playback alignment there are about six different adjustments for the full audio spectrum.
Klark Teknik DN60 is used in the film industry.

I am looking for something both portable and inexpensive.

I notice your cap checker. I will have to buy one.

I use a "BLUE ESR meter", by AnaTek corp. It is a in-circuit tester for identifying faulty electrolytic caps.
It is actually an AC ohmmeter, with a test freq. of about 100kc. It measures ohms from .01 to 99 ohms.
It can find shorts in pc traces easily.
Also functions as a audio signal source for basic tests.

If you designed and offered this type of meter you will sell a bunch of them.

Thank you,

Pete Barth

Re: audio spectrum analyzer.

Posted: Tue May 26, 2015 1:44 pm
by jye1
Thank you. We do have interest to design an audio spectrum analyzer based on the oscilloscopes we have. But at present and in the near future we will still focus ourselves on oscilloscope. We want to make an oscilloscope that is really useful and very affordable. We need some more time to reach that.

However, as early stage preparation, we'd like to know the requirements of the audio spectrum analyzer you have in mind. We will take a look at the specs of Klark Teknik DN60. It is greatly appreciated if you post any specific requirements that you think are important.

Thank you for the suggestion about ESR tester too. We keep it in the list but probably can't do it very soon although such a project is attractive.

Re: audio spectrum analyzer.

Posted: Tue May 26, 2015 8:25 pm
by petebarth
<audio spectrum analyzer>
Thanks for your reply.
One single channel would be enough, and a good start. Two channel would be even better.
20 bands would be enough for a AUDIO analyzer.
And a possibly easy modification for one of your wonderful scopes.
As I said earlier, 10hz through 20Khz (or maybe 30Khz) would be good.
Generally referred to as a 1/3 octave (or 1/6 octave) analyzer.

If you develop one, please consider using me as a test bed.
I have been on the engineering build team for many ham radio kit products.
And many small radio transceivers.
I would, of course, buy the kit I would test build for you.

I have not seen many kits with the professional quality and look that your kits have.
Keep up the good work.

Pete Barth
Retired from a life in electronics, always with a least two soldering irons hot!