Troubleshooting calibration issue

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Troubleshooting calibration issue

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I tried to do the probes calibration, but the only thing it does is one vertical pike once, and then nothing, no square waves. I'm a beginner in electronics, tried to verify a few things in the circuits. If anybody have a hint on what's happening, I would appreciate! I have a few more questions too:

- I tried to verify continuity between the multiples adjacents pins of the LCD screen connector, the long black one. I have some continuity at 2 spots between pins, I was wondering if all the pins should be separated from each other?

- On the DSO138 schematic, R17, R18 and R19 are respectively 10K, 3.3K and 1.5K. When I measured them on the board, they were 3.7K, 2.6K and 1.5K. Any idea what's going on here?

- When I verified my V1 and V2, which should be respectively 0V and ,323V, I have 1,66V and 3,5V. I imagine I messed something up during the build....

Thx for the clarifications
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