Very low voltage at output 1khz test

Very low voltage at output 1khz test

Postby Andbro65 » Tue Jul 31, 2018 2:08 pm


My voltages are:
V+ = 8.61V
V- = =9.65V
AV+ = 4.9V
AV- = -4.97V
+5 = 4.93V
+3.3 = 3.29V
TP2 = 3.29V

My problem is: The voltage at output test is very very low millivolts (see picture). It's impossible to calibrate the oscillo by this input.
The resistor between the output pin 17 (TESTSIG) of MCU and output test is 1K (R26), it's OK.
Where i suspect, the resistor between output pin 17 and GND is 0 ohms.

This is the only problem with my oscilloscope. It can measure all signal without problem.
I need your help.
Signal at output 1Khz

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