[SOLVED] Wrong Amplitude on J2

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[SOLVED] Wrong Amplitude on J2

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Hi, i just finished assemblying my kit, all seems working fine but the DSO is displaying wrong voltages of the square wave test point.


After checking the value and the installation of each component on the board with a magnify glass, seems like i inverted R3 and R4. I'll try now to desolder them and invert them.


Put correctly R3 and R4. Now the oscilloscope is reading correctly, sometimes is a bit high though.


Voltage Readings

Model: 13803K (SMD Presoldered)
S/N: NpGW1606pEhB
FW: 113-13801-060
LIB: 13803-035
TFT Controller: 9341


While testing the 3.3v square wave test signal (AC auto mode) i noticed that if i raise the trigger level near or over the maximum amplitude displayed, the "TRIGGERED" led stops blinking and the trace becomes unstable, sliding on the x axis;

I tried to measure the voltage of a battery (1.60 V on multimeter): the DSO displayed a Vmax of about 30V.

I also tried to measure the output of my bench power supply (a converted ATX Pc PSU) on the 12 V rail: the DSO displayed a Vmax = Vmin of 35.17.

Can anybody help me?
Thank you in advance

PS: I sent a mail for genuinity confirmation some minutes ago.
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