My DSO Shell 150 has failed

My DSO Shell 150 has failed

Postby JohnL » Thu Mar 14, 2019 2:41 pm

I am a retired engineer. I recently purchased the Scope and have been playing with it to learn about the available functions. I want to use the Scope for little electronic projects I do from time to time. While playing the first day I entered the "Rolling Mode" to see what it did. I could not get the Scope back into a mode where it would trigger again and eventually, after trying different functions, the display trace disappeared (a non functional state). After some more playing around the Scope eventually started to operate normally again. I don't know how or why. Being aware of early life failures I began to leave the Scope on most of the day viewing the test signal. I played with the "VPos Alignment" and "Default Restore" modes and over time the non functional state returned. I thought it had something to do with entering these modes. Though the non functional state seemed to show up randomly. Finally, I believe the Scope is in the nonfunctional state for good. I have attached a picture of the display. I would like a replacement. Please advise.

The trace is missing and the "Measurements" are wacky.

Post Script 3-15-2019
A few additional comments. On close inspection I noticed that in the non functional state there is a flat line trace across the top of the display that varies in intensity with adjustment of the "SEC/DIV" setting. Also, as I said, I have been leaving the Scope on most of the day and yesterday at some point in time the Scope was functional again. That is the test signal was being displayed and "Measurements" displayed were in the correct ranges. I turned the Scope on this morning and its back in the non functional state. Go figure!??? Can anyone comment on the situation?

The voltage from the supply I am using.

Post Script 3-16-2019

The Scope seems, again, to be permanently in the non functional state as I left it on all day without success.
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