BNC connector ?

BNC connector ?

Postby Scoubidouille » Wed Dec 12, 2018 5:14 pm

I just bought from Banggood a DSO138 mini kit and just received it. The kit comes only with the two pin header for the hook probes (as advertised) but I would like to replace it by the BNC connector showed on all photographs.
Unfortunately, I have two sorts of BNC connector at hand but none has the same spacing for the two bigger pins which fix the connector onto the PCB than the connector needed for the kit !
I went on the site but they sell the BNC probe, not the connector ?
I'm desperately trying to find one on line but with no success.
Do you know where I could find and order one (preferably in Europe (France) area or Asia) ? Does this BNC connector has a brand and part reference which would make my search more efficient ?
Thanks a lot in advance for your reply to come!
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Re: BNC connector ? (Found!)

Postby Scoubidouille » Thu Dec 13, 2018 2:31 am

Hi all,
I reply to myself as I finally found it and it could help some others looking for it.
This BNC connector is from Renhotec Group ( and the part is "Renhotec-610-0029".
It is sold by 2 pieces on AliExpress (BNC Female Jack Right Angle PCB Mount BNC Socket Chassis R Connector).
My order is on its way!
My DOS 138mini is working (with the small 2 leads probe at the moment) and for its price, it's a nice toy in audio frequency range!
I'll certainly manage to solder the BNC connector when delivered and find a way to keep the 2pins header in parallel (glued in the case ?) to use the best of the 2 worlds! 8-)
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