Soldering the rotary encoder; Send Data baud rate

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Soldering the rotary encoder; Send Data baud rate

Postby StarNamer » Sun Aug 25, 2019 9:12 pm

Just a could of notes from my experience assembling the Wave2.d

The guide actually says to "use sufficient solder for a good connection to form", but I found that although everything seemed good, there wasn't a good enough connection and I had to desolder the pins on the rotary encoder board to check the joints. I'd suggest people use a meter to text that the rotary encoder is properly connected to the pin points before soldering the board in position.

Also, the Quick Start Guide doesn't give the baud rate of the Send Data output; it's 115200m 8N1, as confirmed by JYE Tech support.

My assembled Wave2 is working fine. It seems to be a great little device, just like the DSO Shell!
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