New FG085 dead after 2 minutes

New FG085 dead after 2 minutes

Postby egovind » Fri Jun 19, 2015 7:51 am

I bought a FG085 from Sparkfun a while ago and I just assembled it yesterday. I was able to power it up and it seemed to be working fine for about 2 minutes (I could see the SINE wave menu on the display), when all of a sudden the backlight started getting dimmer and soon the whole board went dead. I could hear a small humming sound from the board while it was working.

After it went dead, I checked the voltages and find that the output of the regulator U2 at TP12 is only 0.45 volts now however VRAW is around 15V and V+ and V- are at 14V and -13V at TP14 and TP13 respectively. Could you suggest any way to get the board working again or to find out which component is damaged?

My board revision is 109-08500-00G
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