Bench power supply kit?

Bench power supply kit?

Postby mwm » Mon Jul 25, 2016 4:59 am

I've been looking at bench power supplies, and their now seems to be a host of low-cost DC-DC options using some kind of microcontroller and LSI voltage regulator. Some of them are just simple knobs and displays, but some are quite fancy. However, none seem to hit the spot they way the JYETech stuff seems to. In particular, they all require an AC->DC adapter to work as a bench supply. For a lot of people, this is great - they yank an PC power supply of some kind, and just plug it in. But if you have to buy one, it pushes the cost of the better options above the low end of the more traditional power supplies and doesn't look nearly as good.

I think something done with multiple options like the FG085 would be nice. Sell the basic module (as a kit or soldered or whatever) for integration with a power supply from some maker's closet, but also sell it with a good power supply and panels to be assembled, especially if you can get it under the low point of the metal-cased bench supplies.
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