joyLab (PC oscilloscope) as a diagnosis tool!?

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joyLab (PC oscilloscope) as a diagnosis tool!?

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The repair technician is using a comparison tool through characteristic curves.

Similar to how the zener diode curves are made, when applied at various points in the circuit, it may help in tracking defects.

For this to work, it is necessary for the oscilloscope to operate in XY mode, and also need to have a sinusoidal signal source.

Once the XY wave can be displayed on the PC screen, just compare with a previously saved waveform.

Another possibility is to work with 2 pairs of channels in XY mode, 2 channels (XY) for the analysis of a printed circuit board in good condition, and another 2 channels (XY also) for analysis of a circuit board printed. By comparing the characteristic curves obtained on the two printed circuit boards, it may be possible to trace the block, or even the faulty component.

A differential can be the comparison (in percentage) between the characteristic curve of a good PCB sample and the characteristic curve of a damaged PCB.

Please watch this video:

I would love to try this kind of diagnostic using an Arduino board.

Would it be possible to upgrade jyeLab (PC oscilloscope) to work this way?
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